Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm still here ...

... and feeling rather sheepish about not blogging daily since I'm the one who started the February Challenge.

I've been writing for one of our family businesses and helping my husband set up his new blog.  I've also provided technical assistance for our daughter's regular blog and her photography blog.

In other news, we surpassed 32 degrees today and the snow is getting that mooshy, wet feeling as it melts.  The depth of the snow has decreased as its weight presses down upon itself.  All signs are pointing toward Spring!

In the mornings, I hear birds singing that haven't visited us for some time.  Tiny songbirds are rejoining the chorus that has been dominated by crows and blue jays.

This has been a long, cold winter and we are all ready to move on to the challenges of Spring.  There is much to do around our little place!

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