Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We may build our next home ...

When we moved to our place last October, we knew the current house would not be our permanent home.  It is too small and has a poor layout.

We played with the idea of building a steel frame building.  That would require quite an outlay financially for someone else to build the actual structure.  This was my favorite photo among the many we looked at.

I came across an article about cordwood construction a couple of weeks ago.  I was intrigued, so Kenny and I set out to do more research.

Not only can we do this ourselves, but we can personalize it to a great extent.

We are looking for sources for pine.  Many folks can't burn it due to the risk of chimney fires.  We can harvest a good deal from our property and from my parents', but we don't want to thin our woods too much.  Fallen-but-not-rotten trees are perfectly acceptable.

I spoke about alternative energy with a representative from our electric cooperative.  He recommended we visit FocusOnEnergy.com for the first steps in the process.

Kenny talked with a gentleman from BEC Solar regarding solar power (good choice!), geothermal (not right for us) and wind (debatable).  It will cost about $300 to have an assessment done on our property.

I talked with the plumber that has come so highly recommended to us.  He will do the required next step - a perk test, septic inspection, well test and pump inspection - for about $500.

I also spoke with the area building inspector.  We expected some roadblocks while utilizing alternative construction, but he was very encouraging.  He sent a preliminary packet to us and gave us an idea of how much we can do ourselves and what would require a plumber, electrician or engineer.

Our next assignment is to locate an engineer who will be willing to work with us.  We're considering contacting KickapooGreen.org to see if they can recommend someone.

Of course, since we are building with a commitment to being debt-free, each step will take some time.

Learn more about cordwood construction and view lots of photographs at DayCreek.com and on Facebook!


  1. I look forward to following your progress, dreams, concerns etc! You may have just convinced me to do at least something with cord wood. It always looks so interesting & artsy.

  2. That cordwood thing looks neat!!!

  3. I've looked at the cordwood construction before and was fascinated by it. I think it would be fun to live in a house like that.

  4. We're doing a lot with cordwood on our place. We're going to eventually do a cordwood siding on the house, a full cordwood barn, a cordwood playhouse and a cordwood covered patio/picnic area. I'm even contemplating the cordwood spa!