Monday, March 21, 2011

M - U - D

The Spring Thaw has gifted us with a deeply rutted, slippery road.  Our Suburban is able to handle it if in 4-wheel-drive, but we always forewarn the children to "Hang on!"

Our cell phone service is spotty today for some odd reason.  Dad tried to reach all three of our cell phones, and some of them more than once, but we never heard them ring.  In somewhat of a panic he attempted to drive his Durango back here to check on us.

Despite having 4-wheel-drive, he couldn't make it.  His truck is too light and he went right off into the ditch.

He called Kenny to bring the Suburban to pull him out.  When that failed, they called me.  I was in the Durango, hooked hitch-to-hitch to the Suburban, which Kenny was driving.  Dad hooked his tractor to the front of the Surburban and we choo-choo-trained our way out of the mess.  Yay!

I'm sorry that I have no pictures of the Durango in all it's muddy glory, but Dad power washed it before I thought to take any.  Our Suburban is perpetually muddy as it's absolutely useless to wash it until the road dries out.

Since the power washer was already in use, I took the time to clear Dad and Mom's 2-car concrete parking pad of the winter's dirt and debris.  Forty-five minutes and one aching back later, it looked pretty good.

I also power washed Dad's muck boots and then mine.  I exclaimed "Look!  They're PINK!"  I havne't seen much of the color over the last few weeks of trekking between our two homes.

Of course, the walk home undid the job for me.


This is my first time participating in the Homestead Revival Barn Hop.  Welcome, new readers!


  1. Ah, muddy roads! Gotta "love" 'em! I'm no stranger to muddy roads and will NEVER get used to it! It's especially "fun" when you're driving with the vehicle sideways, so that you're actually viewing the road from a side window! As long as it's still on the road, you're doing GREAT! Found you from the Barn Hop!

  2. If it was warmer out, wouldn't that look like a whole lotta fun!! :)

  3. That muddy road looks like the road we were on Saturday afternoon; LOL

    Enjoyed the post :-)


  4. Lisa, it really is fun. When the water freezes, then drains away below the ice, I walk the whole way crunching through the icy shells.

    I took plenty of time playing around in the muck yesterday, too, after everything settled down. ;) Perhaps it's because I was deprived of rain boots as a child. :D