Thursday, December 2, 2010

Introducing Crockett ...

About a month ago, we visited the local pet store.  The owner takes in rescue animals and mentioned she had an Airedale Terrier mix that would soon be available.  She had taken him in because the previous owner couldn't care for him.

Unfortunately, she put the Airedale in with a Pit Bull puppy which attacked him and, among other injuries, nearly severed the Airedale's ear.

The thought of rescuing the rescued-then-injured Airedale tugged at our hearts.  However, she said he was too badly injured to allow anyone to see him.

My phone rang while I was out today.  I almost ignored the call because I didn't recognize the number.  It was the pet shop lady calling to say he was ready.

Mom and I agreed to come see him, banding together so we could keep level heads about it.  One look at the grubby little fellow and our hearts were won.  The nominal adoption fee covered his up-to-date vaccinations and treatment costs for his injuries.

Crockett is 3/4 Airedale Terrier and 1/4 Bouvier des Flanders. He is seven months old, but seems small considering his mix and age.  It could be that his breed mix is incorrect or perhaps he was a runt or stunted by his injuries.

Regardless, he is adorable and he is ours.

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