Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red State, Blue State ...

My friends know that I am active politically.  Since the fall elections passed, I have refocused on pursuing our interest in homesteading now that we can actually live out what we learn.

As I have time, I am reading past posts on The Contrary Farmer blog.  A post from April of this year discusses some of the political and philosophical differences between rural folks and city dwellers.

"But there’s something else that I think is important in this regard. The fact that our country has become divided into so-called red and blue states is an outcome directly traceable to the urban-rural division of our society. This is something of a simplification, but food producers and their social allies tend to vote red and food consumers and their social allies tend to vote blue. The division is thought to be between conservative and liberal philosophies, but it much more reflects the difference between rural and urban values. (There are plenty of urban conservatives and rural liberals.)"

The folks in rural areas with a tendency toward conservative family values are often frustrated when redistricting includes an urban area in their district.

Our district has included two urban areas and several colleges.  Our county voted strongly conservative, but the urban voters pushed us out of conservative representation and saddled us yet again with representatives who do not reflect our votes nor our values.

This map shows Congressional District results.  We are in the blue section in Western Wisconsin.

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